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We are the leading provider of engineering, construction and maintenance services and solutions. We provide comprehensive services including new construction “turnkey” design and installation, maintenance, planning, failure analysis, inspection, reporting, material selection, qualification and supply and detailed engineering.

Emergency Callout

Unfortunately, not all refractory and demolition work are planned and often happens when you least expect it. Regardless of the time – day or night, across the country ThorCan has crews, equipment, and materials ready to respond at a moments notice. Whatever it is you need – hot gunning, hot spot treatment – for your emergency failure response or whatever your issue – time is minimal, and we get you safely back up and running. Regardless of the time, place, or emergency, you can count on us.

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Planned Maintenance

You are planning to take your process off-line and need a partner to help you plan and prepare to safely and efficiently execute the repaid. Of course, minimizing downtime to improve profitability is a priority. Count on our team of experienced project and construction managers, engineers, and large pool of skilled tradespeople to solve your problems – effectively and efficiently to get you back on-line.

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Project Work

Whatever the size and scope of the project, ThorCan’s Quality + proven project management process ensures your project’s success. Whether a new plant, capital expansion, turnaround or shutdown, our team will conduct the proper analysis and get clear on your goals to develop the best plan. From concept, to design, to engineering, planning, procurement, pre-work, execution, post project, and reporting ThorCan has a comprehensive process to solve any challenge.

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As the leaders in refractory shotcrete, we employ the most comprehensive shotcrete technology, equipment, experience, operators and nozzlemen found in Canada. The ThorCan shotcrete program can reduce your schedule, improve the technical performance of your lining, get you back online faster and reduce your total cost of ownership.

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Whether its Basic or Alumina, IFB or Dense Brick, ThorCan’s team of experienced masons can provide you with the exceptional quality and longevity the best brick linings provide. Our team has hundreds of thousands of hours bricking kilns, reformers, roasters, reactors, furnaces, and anything else that requires brick.

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From large, high volume pumping project to a one batch intricate vibration cast pour, ThorCan is the leader for the casting in Canada’s refractory market. Whether it is conventional, low cement, or no cement castables, our team is at the forefront of the latest technologies to give you the best quality refractory lining with the lowest dry out or heat up time. Let us help you improve your castable lining system today!

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Regardless of the size or scope – hot gunning, emergency repair or planned maintenance – ThorCan has a team of API 936 experienced nozzle men familiar with any application at the ready to ensure there is no let down in your project.

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Plastic / Ram

If you require an odd shape or unique contour, a small burner, a bull nose, or an entire wall ThorCan is able to provide you with the skilled installers to achieve the manufacturer specifications and get you back online.

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Whether it is FCC cyclones and feed lines, coke calciners or any thin lining application, ThorCan’s team of API 936 certified installers are qualified to achieve the specifications and consistency required for such a critical application.

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ThorCan precast is the premier choice for design, fabrication, and installation of refractory precast linings. Precast provides the security and time savings of a dried out lining, the consistency of a refractory lining fabricated in the most controlled shop environment, or a lining designed for quick replacement of high wear areas. Our team of engineers can take you from concept to realization with safety, quality, and value as the guiding principles.

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Ceramic Fibre

ThorCan has extensive experience in all industries in the safe removal and reinstallation of refractory ceramic fibre linings. Governed by our comprehensive safety and quality protocols specifically relating to RCF, our team has solved the most complex challenges that refractory ceramic fibre can present. From large green and brown field reformer and heater builds to single module replacement and small blanket repairs in boilers, we handle it all.

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Stud Welding

ThorCan is here to help those companies looking for improved efficiency and quality through Stud Welding. We are very knowledgeable and educated in all forms of stud welding, working with various suppliers and manufacturers to select the method and product that is the best fit for your project. For any size project, ThorCan incorporates detailed welding procedures, design specifications and a quality control plan.

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Refractory Demolition

ThorCan owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of remote-control demolition machines to tackle any refractory tear out. By leveraging our demolition fleet complete with professional operations, we get the jump on tear outs while the unit is still cooling without needing confined space entry. The result – you shorten your schedule and lower your total cost of ownership.

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Concrete Demolition

With an extensive fleet of a remote-controlled demolition machines ThorCan offers solutions for construction demolition. With their mobility and flexibility our demolition machines can take on anything from large scale concrete structure demolition to delicate small scale demolition applications. Breakers, crushers, shears, drum cutters, and more ThorCan has any attachment that the job requires. These units outperform manual demolition and are more agile and versatile than traditional options.

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The Descaler

Eliminate hazardous descaling or refractory removal in any vertical vessel. The product evolved from the Brokk robot into a new solution with a telescopic boom for outstanding reach and remote-controlled maneuvering. Hundreds of tons of overhead refractory can be removed with zero physical contact and at a much faster pace than doing the same task manually.

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