Our commitment to your project


For every project regardless of scope, size or scale, safety comes first. It’s about more than checking off boxes. It’s about approaching every task and situation with safety top of mind and planning how to execute safely.


Time is money and downtime can cost our clients more than a million dollars per day, so we meet our timelines and find innovative ways to reduce schedules. And if required, we are prepared to course correct to overcome challenges.


Quick response times with the right personnel is rare in this industry. Our experienced team is nimble, allowing us to assist at a moments notice. With no bureaucracy in our organization, we can help you make quick decisions when time is critical.

Leaders in refractory engineering, supply and installation

THORCAN specializes in the installation and removal of refractory, skilled engineering, material supply, project management, field supervision and quality craftspeople.

Our team of Project Managers are backed by Engineers from multiple disciplines, Construction Managers, and Supervisors totalling over 450 years of experience.

As a Canadian company, we work nationally, differentiating ourselves from the competition through our high safety standards, outstanding technical capability and high quality workmanship.

What you get when you partner with THORCAN

  • Technical input, planning, scheduling, and cost control, which is unrivalled in the refractory industry
  • Access to and assistance with evaluating and understanding industry specifications, materials and installation techniques
  • Access to techniques and expertise used in many industries because as a premier refractory contractor, THORCAN has experience in every major industry
  • No delays due to lack of equipment since THORCAN has a large inventory of refractory-related equipment, and we are consistently upgrading the our inventory

High-Tech and Efficient Demolition

Experience the EVOLUTION OF REFRACTORY DEMOLITION with THORCAN and the Descaler.

Eliminate hazardous descaling or refractory removal in any vertical vessel. The product evolved from the Brokk robot into a new solution with a telescopic boom for outstanding reach and remote-controlled maneuvering. Hundreds of tons of overhead refractory can be removed with zero physical contact and at a much faster pace than doing the same task manually

  • NO Confined Space Entry
  • ELIMINATE RISK of falling debris for workers
  • IMPROVE PRODUCTION by reducing shutdown schedule

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