Safety is always our number one priority

As a contractor and service provider we make protecting all personnel and property at our clients’ site as well as the immediate community a top priority. As an employer we actively practice and reinforce a culture of safety in everything we do.

We know that a healthy and responsible workforce is key in providing the excellent level of service our clients have come to expect. To continuously evolve our health and safety policy, we have implemented a Zero Tolerance mindset towards safety compliance requirements, unsafe conditions, and employee behaviour.

A ‘Stop Work Authority” sanctioned by our company CEO is communicated to our workers on a daily basis as part of their personal hazard assessment cards. This message empowers each and every employee to control the safety of their personal work environment, ensuring best practices at every level.

The only acceptable work conditions are safe conditions. Home safe every day is our commitment to all stakeholders.

  • We establish and steward toward challenging targets, measuring, and verifying our performance regularly
  • We meet or exceed all regulated standards for safety, health, and environmental performance
  • We are “A” rated by 3rd-party qualifying agencies such as ISN, Avetta, Browz, CanQual and more
  • We “start with safety” and plan to ensure it is integrated through all phases of a project
  • We are adaptive and collaborative, incorporating learnings from our broad base of clients while seeking out world-class innovation and knowledge to add to our best practices
  • Management maintains a visible leadership role in advocating the importance of safety, health, environmental and social responsibility throughout our operation, as well as the appropriate regional, provincial, and national forums