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Refractory Failure Analysis

ThorCan employs project managers and engineers with extensive refractory experience. Our staff combines their shared experience, engineering principles and research to analysis refractory failure and determine solutions.

Within the ThorCan organization there are industry experts whose knowledge can be leveraged throughout the entire organization, including TCC. There is a system of communication that promotes sharing of experience regarding materials, techniques and observed failures, as well as design success stories in each industry. If you have a unique problem, ThorCan will get the appropriate industry or refractory engineering expertise to help solve that problem.


Whether it is a thermal mechanical issue, installation problem, startup/dryout issue or a material problem, ThorCan has the experience and resources to analyze and solve your refractory failure

At ThorCan, we pride ourselves on our track record of helping you, our customer, be successful. We stand ready to serve you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.